Who are ETO on ship? If you are a frequent flyer on SEA-Tech's technoblog this question will certainly not strike a chord. But if you are just passing by, maybe I will convince you to stay a little longer on our website...

By now many of us know that Ship's Engineers are responsible for operating the propulsion plants and support systems on board crew, passengers and cargo seafaring vessels or other watercraft. But who are ETO's?

On a ship people belong to the below deck or the above deck (deckies) familly. Yet there is a caste of people, who

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SEA-Tech's expertise helps system integration, an IP camera, a remote weather station, emails, etc are only valuable to us if we can reach them from a distant place... Who would need a weather station to know the weather above his head?

SEA-Tech's engineers are about to end a new HiPerLAN feasibility study. In the next few month we will be deploying another large High Performance Radio LAN (HiPerLAN) in France this time... For our team on the field it's the end of a long summer spent climbing water towers and burning roof tops, making radiometric tests, assessing line of sight

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compassjust off a Jeannot 35 Sun Oddissey  with some autohelm issues. Raymarine SeaTalk is an old way of doing TCP/IP with instruments that won't talk OSI layers. Only three cables but if one goes funny the whole ship goes wrong. In this case the chart table repeater was showing attitude and the whole instalation showed the STLK screen of death. Thanks Raymarine for the error code, and safe trip to RLJ on route to the Wesht as we call the west of Ireland

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Over 200 guests were in attendance at the inaugural Maritime Industry Capt Paul OReganAwards, on Thursday 18th June at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4. Minister Coveney gave a powerful speech. Guests from the maritime industry recognising the most original and innovative companies, projects or individuals who demonstrate excellence in the Irish maritime sector. SEA-Tech, nominated twice won two awards:

Innovation in Marine Technology Award
SeaFi Horizon: Port of Cork Company and SEA-Tech Evolution for their joined efforts on bulding the first wireless harbour

Excellence in Maritime Education & Training Award
Marine Data Network: SEA-Tech Evolution (Arnaud Disant) for the work on Marine

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Today the National Maritime College of Ireland graduated the first ever group of Electro Technical Officers. Having spent the past ten years of my life advocating Marine ICT, I have never felt so proud in my life. Nominated to the Maritime Industry Awards, for Excellence in Maritime Education & Training Award, SEA-Tech actively contributed to the design and delivery of the Marine ICT module included into the Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Electrotechnology.

Their name are Mohamed, Aaref, Hussain, Ishaq, Adnan, Fares, Shane, Jim, Daire and Sinead and we wish them the very best for their career at sea.

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Ecole Navale in France is the equivalent of the National Maritime College of Ireland.

chacal panthere

École Navale in Lanvéoc-Poulmic, in Brittany, is the French Naval Academy in charge of the education of the officers of the French Navy. Ultimately, they are all meant to have responsibilities on board ships, submarines, naval aviation, groups of fusiliers marins (rangers) and commandos but also in general staff as well. 

When la "Menagerie" put to sea

The Ecole Nationale Navale fleet, which is nicknamed because of the Menagerie feline names is composed of eight ships, all named after big cats, BE Panther, BE Jaguar, etc. BE

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This article follows a private discussion with Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney in the summer of 2013. 


"I have worked with  marine professional for years, fitting electronic on ships of all size, shapes or forms, for all kinds of purposes". SEA-Tech is often the link between the research community and key players in the maritime industry.

For the past few months, we have worked very closely to fishermen around Ireland. We witnessed a new phenomenon, as for the first time fishing boat less than ten meters are bringing back to shore, a new type of

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Today, a team of Sea-Technicians returned to Roches Point in order to reinstall the camera that we had removed to repair a short while ago. It was the first time that Jonathan, the new intern, travelled to the lighthouse located at the entrance of Cork Harbour. Furthermore he had never been in this kind of building, so it was very surprised with all. Jonathan is a Brazilian chap who is studying Energy Engineering in CIT, in Cork.

The first part of the morning Jonathan and I had to configure in the National Maritime College’s wet lab the setup of the

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Rochespoint lighthouse was established in june 1817, to guide ships to Cork Harbour, it is located in the entrance of Cork Harbour and gives a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.


Lighthouse from the Swansea- Cork ferry – Peter Newbold – geograph.org.uk

This almost 200 years old lighthouse, unfortunately, is losing its first purpose, with the advent of gps systems (ECDIS), large vessels, have much less needs for lighthouse, making them fall in disuse.
Sea-tech have been using Rochespoint LightHouse as a station to broadcast SeaFi signal up to 30 kilometers from the coast, SeaFi allows buoy, ships and

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Today, a team of Sea-Technicians returned to Roches Point in order to reinstall the camera that we had removed to repair a short while ago. It was the first time that Jonathan, the new intern, travelled to the lighthouse located at the entrance of Cork Harbour. Furthermore he had never been in this kind of building, so it was very surprised with all. Jonathan is a Brazilian chap who is studying Energy Engineering in CIT, in Cork.

b2ap3 thumbnail 45646

Photo above: Jonathan and I inside the Roche's Point Lighthouse


The first part of the morning Jonathan and I

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USVSEA-Tech visited today the impressive Ocean Business Conference in Southampton. Hundreds of companies showcasing state of the art marine technology have converged to the Ocean Business at the National Oceanography Centre. 

Ships, ROV and USV (Unmaned Surface Vehicles) of all shapes, forms and nationality led us to think that data is the next most valuable cargo. Don't miss the short video on our facebook page. We have been very impressed with the new AIRMAR weather station, thanks to Neil Roberston from Airmar EMEA for his outstanding explanations. A special thanks as well to MOBILIS for their time and

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Today was my first day working on the field, it was a great experience that made me think how important is the maintanance and management factor in Marine ICT.

Sea-Tech tackled a very ambitious project a few years ago, deliver access to computer networked resource on board vessels around Cork Harbour without using satelite or mobile phone technology. Computer networked resource assets can take the shape of an IP Camera, a thermal sensor or a weather station for example. The data produced by each asset is useful for navigation planning, security on ships etc... Spike Island host a SeaFi coastal

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jon borgesJonathan Borges Carmo from Santos in Brazil joined SEA-Tech earlier this month under Cork Institute of Technology's internship program. With engineering background and experience in renewable energy Jonathan will be spending five month in SEA-Tech. His primary assignment will be to help promoting SeaFi Horizon into the alternative energy sector. 

Pictured during his induction training, with an SC2 VMS unit from Succorfish, Jonathan has aready contributed in preparing tracers fitted on fishing vessels in Wexford.

Over the coming weeks his duty will involve leading a support operations on SeaFi coastal stations.

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As the Irish Naval Service patrol vessel P52 L.É. NIAMH returned from her recent sea patrol, for SEA-Tech it represented the end of a six months tour of duty for our S360 ship-station on board. After six hours spent in Rochespoint lighthouse preparing the coastal station for our final test, the SEA-Tech team had a rendez vous with the Irish queen of Tír na nÓg (the land of the young) at a range of approximately 20 kilometres offshore.


SeaFi Sentinel2015 03 27 at 08.59.10

SeaFi Sentinel (above) is a visual aid to navigation used by Cork harbour operation (Port of Cork)

“Rendez vous point Provence”

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Today, I did my first fieldwork, and the destination was Roches Point lighthouse. To get there it took almost one hour (from NMCI) so I had a lot of time to enjoy the scenery.

We checked on the electronic research equipment in the lighthouse. It’s located at the entrance of Cork Harbour. The first light is dated, 4th of June in 1817, but it’s only in 1970 that Rochespoint was converted to electric, before it used an oil lamp system and a Fresnel lens, that’s still visible today, it’s almost 150 years old!

Roches Island

Photo above: Entrance to Cork

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I studied Technical Engineering in Computer Management in Spain. I arrived to Cork in March to do a three months internship. Here in SeaTech, we deliver all sorts of Marine ICT solutions including private marine wireless data communication. In other words we provide data exchange capabilities for seagoing projects. I have to admit, I would never have imagined before it could be a problem. Sending email is something so natural, on land, nowadays, I never thought before of a person who works in a port, a harbour or simply on a vessel, may ever need to connect to Internet. Once

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pilot christine gale

Tuesday March 10th, SEA-Tech will deliver a presentation in CEFCM in Concarneau (France) to marine professionnals. It will mainly focus on Marine Information Communications and Technology and SEA-Tech's technical response to technical challenges at sea.

Featuring what is now called Marétique in France, we will show case Cork harbour and the work we have delivred in Ireland for Port of Cork with support from the Irish Naval Service and several other key players of the marine industry sector in Ireland. We hope it will be of interest for people in France to get to know Ireland a bit more, several

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