On June 6th 2018, a scientific experiment has been conducted by SEA-Tech under control from a group reputable witnesses composed of maritime professionnals, researchers and reporters. The purpose of the experiment was to set a world record for the furthest maritime broadband transmission without satellite or cellular network using SeaFi wireless maritime communication system.

Screen Shot 2018 06 09 at 19.24.21

Figure 1: Screen captures of the stations during the experiment shortly before reaching the furthest point of transmisslion

For several hours an Offshore Supply Vessel owned by Mainport, has set course south of Rochespoint lighthouse in Cork harbour (Ireland). Both the light house and the ship

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IMG 4521Sea-Tech Evolution Ltd. is a Cork based company specialising in maritime communications. It will formally establish this week the record for the longest wireless internet communication at sea, using it’s on-house bespoke developed SeaFi communication system which is far more capable than land based systems such as 3G or 4G at sea.

There are currently two possibilities to send/receive communications at sea: satellite, or cellular systems such as the 3G used by your mobile phone. SeaFi offers a new third option.
In a few lines, here is what it is, and why this record is important.


SeaFI in a

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SeaFi offshore: treading uncharted waters

SeaFi – SEA-Tech’s revolutionary maritime wifi service – has been identified as a potential challenger for the world record for the longest wireless broadband transmission at sea by Guinness World Book of Records. The record will be attempted between OSV Ocean Spey (owned by Mainport) and Roches Point lighthouse (owned by Commissioners of Irish Lights) on June 6th and 7th, 2018. Watch this space!

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Scientific applications of marine data communication

Belfield campus.
I was privileged today to deliver a short lecture to the students of Professor Dias in UCD. It was totally unprepared and probably I should not use the term lecture as presentation is probably more appropriate. The term presentation has a commercial connotation which was not intended in this case  . Beside, when a presentation is designed to educate, then it is a lecture in its own right. Belfield campus in Dublin is far from my dear Naval College in Cork, where a new Marine ICT lab is taking shape in preparation for next semester. When I say

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The Cork Connection

Nautilus Telegraph March 2018 Edition

Nautilus International’s crew communications campaign has highlighted the case for ports to provide wi-fi services for visiting vessels – and now a young Irish company is boosting seafarer welfare and ship efficiency with a special port-wide wireless network service... 

Ireland - an island nation relying on shipping for more than 95% of its imports and exports - is taking a lead in developing the concept of ‘smart’ ports, thanks to a pioneering project that was launched by a group of self- confessed ‘garage geeks’.
Launched just over a decade ago, the information and communication

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Almost six hours busing and 2 hours flying from our Cork base to RITTAL's HQ, in the heart of Germany, where our smart cabinets are made.

Noel Maloney and Charmene Walker from Rittal Ireland are my guides for this journey. They explained to our group that Rittal is part of the Loh Group, 54 subsidiary sites , 18 global production sites and annual revenue of around $2 billion. All figures I had heard about without taking the true measure of it before today. Rittal is the leading company, and supplies enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and IT infrastructure… They
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SEA-Tech has been invited to Germany by Rittal to visit the 4.0 smart plant. So for the next couple of days we will be posting on the technoblog a series of articles on marine electrics and electronics. Some ideas to be used on all size projects... keep tuned!!

Rittal produces enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and ICT infrastructure. Since 2017, SEA-Tech and Rittal have joined force to support the marine industry, and this is good news for your projects !

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Bianca 2My name is Bianca Gedorio and I’m a college student in Cork College of Commerce, studying Computer Science. For two weeks, I am working for Sea-Tech.

I began my internship/work experience, as a technical support junior technician, on the 15th January and I enjoyed the amazing learning experience! Arnaud Disant, the Chief Technical Officer, has taught me a wide range of knowledge in both technical and life skills in a span of just two weeks!

For example, he showed me how radiowave works, like inside an antenna, and use it to create solutions on how to improve communications and

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Merry Christmas

Today well over a million men and women live in the twilight world of big shipping (Source SCFS). They are responsible for most of the goods you will be consuming over the Christmas season. It's a lonely life. They don't get to spend Christmas with the family. They roam the world's oceans for up to 12 months at a time. They come from more than 100 different nations and speak dozens of language. For most of them accessing the internet is synonym of keeping in touch with the family.

This year we have worked with Port of Cork, Rosslare and

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Rittal partnership

If you are familiar with Electric the magazine (and website) for the Irish Electrical Industry you will have probably noticed Rittal Ireland has announced a partnership with SEA-Tech Evolution. Building on each other's reputation the two companies have a lot to share. But what does it means practically… to our customers?

Automation, Sensing & Monitoring: 
Specialising in network infrastructure both ashore and afloat, we have delivered innovative, secure, often bespoke ‘total solution’ projects, in the maritime as well as terrestrial environments. Automation Systems extends Rittal’s comprehensive range of solutions for panel building and switchgear engineering – from manual tools to fully automated mechanical engineering

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Recently at the National Maritime College of Ireland open day 2017, Nautilus International magazine challenged the next generation of seafarers with this very simple question: "Would the amount of Internet access affect your decision to work at sea?" An obvious yes brought us to the conclusion we are on the right path... We would like to take this to the next level with a series of polls. Our first one will help understanding the situation on board ships. If you are a seafarer, if you have been working at sea in the past couple of years, we'dlike to hear about you...

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Nautilus polling - NMCI OPEN DAY 2017


The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) Open Day 2017 will be remembered. With 850 visitors, we hardly got time for a coffee with colleagues from NMCI, Port of Cork, CIL, Coast Guards, INS, etc…

Each year since 2013, SEA-Tech has been privileged to represent the marine electrical and electronic industry among heavyweights of the shipping and cruise industry. It was at first a bit overwhelming but year after year we have made friends in each organisation, so now it’s more like the annual fair down the road. Also, having taught

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National Maritime College of Ireland - OPEN DAY 2017


The annual National Maritime College of Ireland - Open Day will take placeI on Thursday, 26th October 2017 from 10:00 to 15:00 and this year again, SEA-Tech will be representing Marine Electricals and Electronics... So if you have a nack for marine tech, this is the place to be... A SEA-Tech marine ICT Engineer will be present on our stand all day to answer questions both on Marine ICT and Electro Technical Officer on board ships as a carreer path.

Representatives from international shipping companies and maritime organisations will be

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Peace after the storm

It's been some week, hopefully we don't get it too often... Ireland completely shaken out is returning to work there are still trees hanging of the wires in the streets. Power has not yet resumed in some places, our technical support kept operating during the gale and we recorded some minor incidents here and there but no physical damages in Port of Cork, Port of Waterford, Rosslare Europort... Rochespoint lighthouse SeaFi C180 radio station has resisted the assault of the wind and the impact of strong waves... Spike Island "Bastion 5" thanks to the support of our friends from Cork

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JcFHello everybody, my name is Jean-Christophe and I am on board with Sea-Tech Evolution Ltd. I just completed three months of Internship, as a sales & administration Intern. Each single day of these three months has been very intense and instructive. Never a dull moment at SEA-Tech said Levente Laposi a former intern in the company. It has been since our internship program's tag line...

Upon my first week, I had the opportunity to work with SeaFi Horizon on the Tug “MT Gerry O'Sullivan” with Arnaud, Will from SEA-Tech and also Steven from Port of Cork. It was my first opportunity

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ms stena horizonMS Stena Horizon crew welfare powered by SeaFi

For the past three months, the crew of MS Stena Horizon is involved in a ship to shore experiment designed to dramatically improve crew welfare on board ferries across Europe.
SEA-Tech Evolution is developing SeaFi as an alternative to Satellite and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) a.k.a. 3G/4G with a view to improve IoT on board ships. SeaFi is already available in three major ports in Ireland - Cork, Waterford and Rosslare. With support from Stena and Rosslare Europort, SEA-Tech has equipped MS Stena Horizon with state of the art long distance wireless communications.

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IMG 1090In 2016, in a green village in France called Saint Germain, some technicians from SeaTech came from the Emerald Isle to build a smart village system. It was a large network construction and when came the moment to power their devices to the smart box, technicians wondered what kind of magic would provide data and power both in a single connection cable.
The solution came from Texas, WifiTexas more specifically. Thanks to their POE injectors the green giants from SEA-Tech would help the villagers and plenty of sensors and cameras were powered, saving endless runs of useless electrical wire… Good

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