XT32S HorizonSeaFi Horizon provide private wireless data coverage over large areas of water, for example, ports, harbours or defined coastal regions.
Users of the SeaFi network can expect multi-megabit data service, with low latency and high availability throughout the coverage zone. Costs are far less than satellite and reliability and availability is far better than 3G/4G networks, which frequently have poor availability and performance on the water.
Deployment of SeaFi Horizon is accomplished by the installation of SeaFi Shore Stations at strategic points on land-based sites around the harbour or area to be covered. Each Coastal Station can cover a radius of approximately 12Km (depending on local factors). The Coastal Stations are interlinked to create a homogeneous network. 




  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Bandwidth
  • Private
  • No charge MB
Innovation in Marine Technology Award 143x160



It solves a deficit in communications for:

  • Large coastal operations, dredging, survey, 
  • Offshore operations with ship to ship big data, salvage, exploration, floatels
  • Renewable energy, turbines, flidars, wave energy
  • Defence forces and law enforcement
  • Fisheries, sea farming, seasteading
  • Search and rescue
  • Port operations 

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