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Innovation in Marine Technology Award 143x160Leading operator in Marine ICT consulting and integration, we believe that with 220million acres, Ireland has the largest maritime area for a company like ours to express its full potential.

SEA-Tech have an incomparable understanding of how naval communications technology can be used to benefit the global maritime industry – through remote IT management, marine satellite internet, wireless access to navigational and weather updates, not to mention email, position reporting and log books. Disruptive new opportunities exist in the development of niche products and services that will require unconventionnal ICT Solutions, we are here to help developping those solutions...at sea, but on land as well. Marine ICT solutions applied to terrestrial projects is a disruptive way to address nowadays economical difficulties.

Advising decision makers, assisting them in promoting new technical ideas, advocating ethics while shocasing Ireland as a new maritime country is definitly part of our mission statment.

Specialist in Marine wireless Data Communication, SEA-Tech is the leading provider of maritime wireless infrastrucure and telecommunications for ports, marina, renewable energy.

SEA-Tech is characterised by its contrasted capacity as an integrator of marine data-communications solutions and its capacity to develop value added projects.


SEA-Tech Evolution is a marine system integrator offering innovative technology solutions. Marine electrical surveys, product supply, circuit checks, diagnostics, new electrical installations and rewires for yachts and boats for both commercial and recreational use. The equipment fit on small craft and workboats, requires us to draw on the best products from the market. Our team undergo continuous in-house product and technical training at the National Maritime College of Ireland.


SEA-Tech leader in marine mechatronics in Ireland supplies custom engineered marine ICT systems. With expertise in design and testing of rugged electronic equipment we benefit of a unique partnership with the Irish Navy and the second largest deep water harbour as our test bed. Certified installer, distributor in Ireland for Succorfish asset tracking solutions, and Orlaco rugged camera systems SEA-Tech technicians are qualified to install aboard any type of vessels.


Specialist in Marine Data Communication, wireless and satelite data transfer, SEA-Tech is the leading provider of maritime data communications in Ireland. Nowadays data and IP communications are essential to all businesses. SEA-Tech understand port operation's challenges. Providing unified technological solutions seamlessly and cost-effectively integrating all your operations on the internet, at sea and on land, we effeciently bring closer offices and bridge personnel.


SEA-Tech connects devices, systems, ships and buoys to create smarter ports and cities into context-aware environments. An effective IoT architecture requires the integration of sensors that offer predictable performance and latency as connectivity increase to distribute necessary data over secure connections to the relevant users in realtime. We supply a broad range of wired and wireless sensors developed by industry leaders and we integrate them into networks sea to land, ship to shore.

Project Management

With practical and innovative approach for all your technical projects, Sea-Tech. can help you imagine, build and deliver your needs on time and within budget! From a few days to a few months, our terms of engagement flexible to suit all needs. Operating with a 'can do' attitude, we carry comprehensive knowledge and a proven track record of positive experience. From selecting hardware and software, to network planning and from installation, management, to maintenance and knowledge transfer; whether a project needs a full-time PM and technical staffing – or just an extra resource to keep things on-track and well-documented – Sea-Tech can help.


The maritime sector is in constant evolution, at sea but on land too! Marine Computer Systems can be used for navigation on a boat, but also to retrieve and analyses weather forecasts, they are used too for communications (mail, voice, images) in conjunction with satellite systems.

On land, computer systems can be used to monitor the traffic at sea and supply a clear maritime picture of vessels at sea.

Since 2013 SEA-Tech has worked with the Irish Naval Service, Port of Cork and the Marine Institute in Ireland to help implementing new technologies on fishing, commercial and military vessels, but also to promote Smart Ports in Ireland and overseas. While increasing traceability of fishing stocks, we are also proud to contribute to marine safety.


SEA-Tech is distributing ORLACO vision monitoring solutions for all tugboats, fishing vessels, inland vessels, dredging vessels and platform supply vessels. In addition, SEA-Tech has explosion proof systems in its product range, which are used for FPSO vessels and LNG/LPG tankers, among others.
Good and comfortable visibility is essential for safety on our waterways. With the aid of Orlaco camera system and SEA-Tech’s integration, the operator can detect safety issues straight away so that he can act accordingly to prevent emergencies from happening. Built in the Netherlands, Orlaco cameras and monitors enable operators to carry out precision work, such as manoeuvring and hoisting and dredging operations, more safely and more efficiently.