SEA-Tech and Rittal have joined force to support the marine industry, and this is good news for your projects ! 

The ever increasing demands on permanently available ICT systems in maritime and renewable energies sectors call for customised data communications solutions from a single source.

For many years, Rittal has been supplying the world’s leading system integrators and manufacturers in the renewable energy sector with everything from pitch control enclosures for wind turbine rotors and intelligent converter climate control systems to enclosure solutions suitable for outdoor use for central inverters in photovoltaic applications.


Rittal offers a comprehensive portfolio with a large number of series products. Marine & Farming Industry applications require the outmost sturdy yet lightweight and unobtrusive heavy-duty equipment.

From stainless steel 316L enclosures to compact monitoring solution with multiple CAN bus monitoring elements, SEA-Tech can supply all your needs including custom made smart cabinets design to your own requirements.

Since its foundation in 1961, Rittal has continuously evolved into the world's leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services.

Automation, Sensing & Monitoring
Enclosures & power supply
ICT Infrastructure

Cabinets & small enclosures


Rittal service

Rittal techProfessional spare parts management, global availability, tailored precisely to your requirements. That is what you can expect from Rittal:

Customer-specific spare parts:

Individually defined components
Customised service contracts
On request: Inventory stocking by Rittal

Standard spare parts

Global stocking of spare parts via international spare parts logistics service
On-site inventory stocking by subsidiaries
Fast, reliable delivery, any time, anywhere