We supply Trailer Mast, Self Supporting, Guyed Lattice Mast, Lattice Masts manufactured by CTA in Calonne, France. Our partner CTA Engineering has a large range of standard structures and the ability to custom design stainless steel 316 structures at their workshops.

Our towers are designed for (but not limited to): Radio antenna systems, environmental data, video protection / surveillance, camera mounting, security lighting, wireless communication links, broadband wifi links. Lattice-steel towers are very flexible with respect to planning heights and footprints. Models provided will depend entirely on your individual needs. Lattice-steel towers are tipically delivered in sections to the construction site and assembled there. The light transport and assembly weights mean that these towers are especially well suited for construction at locations with difficult access.Stable, robust, assembled within a few hours , we can quickly implement a communication facility that's ready for use.

CTA workshop

CTA range of light weight heavy usage free standing lattice structures with 3 or 4 legged options, up to 27m in 3 to 6m increments, are ideal in maritime environment. Fully encompassing solutions with head frames, ladders and fall arrest, anti climb and bespoke antenna support steelwork. 

     Latice Towers
6 meters 9 meters 12 meters 18 meters 21 meters