Interns at SEA-Tech is a voluntary, educational exchange based on trust, it aims to provide volunteers with first-hand experience in Marine ICT. Interns at SEA-Tech have often transformed their situation into a successfull career path after spending a few months with us. The duration of an internship can range from two to three months. Workdays average five to six hours, and participants interact with our projects. We currently have intern possitions opened for the following periods

 Period of time       Technical      Administrative 
January 2019 opened opened
February - March 2019  closed closed
April - May - June 2019  closed  closed
June - July - August 2019  closed opened
August - Sept - Oct 2018 opened closed
Oct - Nov - December 2018 opened opened

Usually interns who have applied for technical internship have a previous background in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Telecoms
  • Marine & oceanology
  • Electronics
  • Systems administration & support

But we are also interested in

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Web development
  • Administrative and accounts

Tipically interns are multilingual and can sustain their own resource for a period of 3 to 6 months in Ireland while SEA-Tech in some occasion will assist in some ways. Interns are students or people willing to learn on the job, we give time and education in return for some help. It is very much like WWOOFing only you won't learn much about cabbages, yet we have Raspberry (PI). Do not believe a minute you will be seated in front of a computer all day long, because Marine ICT is a mixed bag of technology and great outdoor... and we all have oportunities to practice on the field...

So, you would like to give it a try... not a bad thing, let's see what's next...
Step 1: Electronic submission (below)
Step 2: Submission review (two weeks)
Step 3: Phone interview (facetime, skype, google talk or phone)
Step 4: Internship contract / institution interaction
Step 5: Travel arrangements (email)
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We like to provide candidates with an opportunity to highlight any skills, knowledge areas, or experiences that, although they are not directly utilized in your current role, may provide value in our organization. Examples might include language skills, knowledge of equipment, sales or leadership skills, etc.

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Induction to Sea-Tech - An Intern's view

IMG 20151201 150844pMy name is Jorge, and I have recently begun my telecommunications internship with Sea-Tech. As a Spanish student, my aim is to improve my english as well as my telecommunications knowledge. I will be writing articles for the techno-blog, charting my progress and experiences, both technical and non-technical. Having started two weeks ago, it has been an intense learning process for me, covering a wide variety of technical and life skills. As part of my introduction to the work of Sea-Tech, I accompanied the Chief Technical Officer, and internship director, Arnaud Disant on a visit to the Port of Cork tugboat 'Denis Murphy' to inspect and test the Sea-Tech 'Sea-Fi' equipment onboard. We had to test the equipment internally and also on the mast, the various cameras that are fitted, and the system security features. 

Working in the marine environment requires many skills, not just technical knowledge.

Safety onboard vessels and working on boats makes Sea-Tech telecommunications more interesting and fun to learn. Having spent a day onboard, I will have a greater awareness when we return for the next routine inspection and maintenance. As an introduction, I learned about safety on boats, working in compacts spaces, wireless security arrangements and testing procedures for installed equipment.

(Edited prior to publication as part of the english development program)