We live in interesting times! On the one hand, over the past decade, we have seen the rise of a "green" approach to life, while in the past few months alone, the rampant consumerism that flourished alongside it (and to which "green" was a reaction) has suddenly foundered, as the global economic system hits the rocks. "Sustainability" has become a buzzword - in business, no less than in other areas of life. But, when survival becomes every business's most pressing issue, what does "sustainable business" really mean?

SEA-Tech is a community of Marine IT experts and enthusiasts - we're certainly not global economists. But we like to think that the SEA-Tech approach to business delivers sustainability.

Our approach focuses on nurturing customers - helping them to use IT to power ocean going projects, appropriately and cost-effectively; recommending solutions that will work for them in the long-term instead of just selling a ready-packed-solution that only solves today's problem; and becoming their trusted adviser, not just a supplier. Quick fixes only work in emergencies, when the show must be kept on the road - but the our approach is to assess and anticipate, thus preventing problems before they occur and allowing customers to grow their businesses without constantly replacing their ICT infrastructure.

DSC 1018We share the knowledge too, daring? Maybe, but our course reflect leadership, the fact we pioneered marine ICT at a time computers were mostly office fournitures... The SEA-Tech approach is based on fair trade - making sure that the price we charge reflects the value we have delivered to our customer, and that the customer is happy with the work we have done, it goes the same with the brands we represent.

And, for us, sustainability is about being here in the long-term - investing in ourselves as a business and as individuals, so that we can continue to serve our customers into the future.

Radical? We don't think so. Unusual? Perhaps - but it's what makes us different - and what brings our existing customers back to us again and again, and encourages them to recommend us to their colleagues and customers. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer in the not-too-distant future!

Arnaud Disant & Brian O'Kane

This article was first published on our website on October 21st, 2008



Based in Haulbowline, Co. Cork, the Irish Naval Service (INS) is a modern organisation focused on the men and women who serves it rather than traditional naval combat and strategic weapons. Fighting smart rather than fighting big, in the words of the very men an women of the INS fighting a war against recession and actively supporting the development of Marine Information Technology with SEA-Tech.



Between April and Decembre 2014, the Marine Institute based in Oranmore, Co Galway has commissionned SEA-Tech to fit fishing vessels with Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), with a view to capture data related to fishing paterns in Ireland. 18 vessels operating around the coast of Ireland have been equipped with SC2 tracking devices. Each asset's reports position at regular intervals. Fishing grounds are kept confidential and data is shared with the Marine Institute on a voluntary base.



The Port of Cork is the main port serving the South of Ireland, County Cork and Cork City. It is the second busiest port in Ireland and offers all six shipping modes. Official suppliers of the Port of Cork since 2013, we share common values to promote and develop Cork as a World Class Port by being enterprising, innovative and flexible organisations delivering quality infrastructure and services in the development of trade and economic growth in a global market.

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